Tips For No Strings Attached Dating

Here are 5 tips for NSA dating. Dating is hard enough as it is. Dating with no strings attached is even more difficult. To make an attempt at dating with no strings attached, you have to ignore and or suppress certain natural human urges. You have to keep yourself from getting to know too much about her. You can't allow her to find out too much about you. You have to make a real effort to keep those strings from attaching. And those emotional strings are the hardest to keep from attaching. If you want to learn how to date without any strings attached, this is how you do it. Check out these five tips for no strings attached dating.

1 - Go on dates that don't require a lot of talking. Communication is the gateway to intimacy. Finding out too much about your date will put you in risk of developing those emotional strings. Do things with your date that don't give you the chance to really explore her. Take her to the theatre or to the cinema, or even a football match. Remember, sharing is caring. So don't share too much. If you want to date with no strings attached then be proactive in not attaching those strings.

2- No spending time. Just do what you came to do and nothing more. Be it a film or a footall game, or even sex. Don't linger after the deed is done. Get in and get out. Spending too much time with someone is a sure fire way to develop feelings, and this is what you're adamantly trying to avoid. As far as women are concerned, spending time with her can be just as much a cause to develop strings as, say getting to know her. Spending time is a form of intimacy. It's just you and her, and the animal magnetism can begin to develop. So, don't spend the extra time.

3 - Don't call her to see how she's doing. Any extra inkling that you show to her of caring and compassion towards her, and you'll immediately feel those strings attaching on to you. It's sounds cold but, use her for what she's for and nothing more. If you're going out, just go out and that's it. Don't call her during the week to check on her. Don't show any interest in her outside of the time you spend. And even then, keep your distance. It is of the utmost importance that she doesn't begin to develop feelings. If she does, consider yourself attached, strings and all.

4 - Constantly remind her that you're not together. If she tries to get intimate, push her away. Don't let her get comfortable. She needs to know that you're serious about not being tied down. Chances are, you won't keep many girls for the long hall this way, but it'll work. The ones that stay around will respect the fact that you don't want to be with anybody.

5 - The sex. It's no secret that women develop feelings faster than men when sex is involved. Don't add to the issue by caressing her and being all tender with her. Sex with her should be nothing more than physical. Sex is probably the fastest way for her to develop feelings, therefore you need to make sure you're not making her feel too special during this time.